Advanced Digital Marketing Training

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

  • Introduction
  • What is SEO
  • How Search Engine Work
  • Develop Keyword Research
  • Apply SEO to Your Website
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off page Optimization
  • Building Links and SEO through Social Media
  • SEO Management Tools
  • Local, Mobile & Search
  • Building an SEO management plan
  • SEO for Different Business Models
  • White Hat/Black Hat SEO
  • Technical Issues in SEO
  • Measuring and reporting your success
  • Social Media Optimization (Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc..)
  • Managing Client Accounts

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

  • SEM Introduction
  • Introduction to Ad Words - Google Ad words
  • Getting Started with Ad Words - How to set up account etc.
  • Targeting - Search, Contextual or placement
  • Creation of Effective Campaigns and Ad groups
  • Creation of Text, Banners and Video using Display Builders
  • Keyword Grouping using Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match, Negative Match Techniques
  • Costs and Billing
  • Tracking Ad Performance
  • Optimizing Cost per Click
  • Optimizing Ad Performance - Optimize Account & landing page
  • Google Analytics code study and Insertion
  • Google Analytics Report Study and Comprehension
  • Creating Multiple Report Types
  • Google Insights Study
  • Google Trends Study
  • Managing Client Accounts

Social Media Marketing - SMM

  • SMM Introduction
  • Understand what Social Media is
  • Understand what Social Media Can & Can’t Do
  • Determine where Conversations are happening
  • Account Creation and promotion (Face book, Twitter, YouTube, G+, LinkedIn, Pintrest)
  • Profile, Pages and Link Creation
  • Follower list increasing techniques
  • Community and group creation and promotion
  • Adding social media in your website and blogs
  • Learn how to monitor your reputation online
  • Discover how to set up a measurable, accountable social media program
  • Identify and track top blogs in your industry
  • Understanding Lead Generation for Business

Google Adsense Training-Learn And Earn Money

  • Introduction
  • SEO Basics
  • Wodpress/Blog Optimization
  • Earning with YouTube
  • Understanding Google Adsense
  • Getting Started with Adsense
  • Configuring Your First Ad
  • Using Advanced Ad-Placement Strategies
  • Allowing and Blocking Ads
  • Using Performance Report
  • Advanced Administration
  • Increasing Traffic for Website/Blog
  • Free Google Adsense a/c

Affiliated MARKETING Topics Covered

Email Marketing