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Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning
Leverage the functionality of your Commerce Cloud by adding the Lightning functionality to your storefronts. Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze) is already popular amongst online sellers and users affiliated with e-commerce ventures. Now, these users can streamline their processes by adding the Salesforce Lightning touch to their business through Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning.
At Oscar IT Solutions, we help you avail of the best and the most advanced tools and features that help you set up different storefronts, manage your orders, and handle all your B2B processes from a single unified platform. Our services are aimed at helping you provide a seamless buying experience to your customers and build healthy relationships with them.
Our Offerings
Creating Stores With Lightning Experience

We help you bring the Lightning functionality to the storefronts you are willing to set up on multiple platforms. To leverage your B2B processes, our experts help you in enabling experiences, setting up organization-wide defaults, updating your commerce page layouts, and set order preferences.

On creating a storefront using Salesforce B2B Commerce Lighting, we also assist you in creating and assigning permission sets for your buyers and buyer managers to organize your workflow.

Advanced Data Management
Salesforce Lightning makes data import, export, and management better for B2B Commerce Lighting users. Our services make sure that you import the right datasets from the right sources for setting up your stores and help you connect your store to a suitable CMS channel to get the desired traction.
Customizing, Configuring, And Publishing Your Stores
Before you go live with your online B2B venture, we help you make all customizations and configurations on different channels by setting up your store infrastructure according to your requirements. You can rest assured that all your storefronts will be designed based on your preferences, right from configuring integrations to creating a secure checkout flow.
Once all the customizations and configurations are complete, we help you publish all your storefronts that can be managed out of a centralized platform.
Providing A Range Of Options
By adding the Lightning touch to your online storefronts, you can provide your business customers with a range of different options, especially when it comes to languages and currencies.
Improved Checkout Experience
We understand the importance of an efficient checkout experience for a purchase to be made. We help you manage the checkout experience through the Flow Builder with the help of a checkout flow, followed by configuring the presentation in Experience Builder.
The Flow Builder helps you integrate your external systems into the checkout, showing you a visual representation of the cart to process the order. Also, you can use the checkout components in Experience Builder to show the store checkout and order summary to your buyers on making a purchase.
Setting Up Customizable User Profiles
Use the “Customizable User Profile Menu” component in the Experience Builder for defining the manner in which you want your user profile menu to look, including the use of your company names and logos.
Guest Browsing

With the help of the Guest Browsing feature, you can provide product catalogs along with a seamless buying experience to the guest visitors who are not registered with your store. This acts as a marketing technique to make potential business customers aware of your offerings and persuading them to engage with you.

Through this feature, online sellers can also create a sitemap for the guest visitors using search engines, helping them discover their store and its products online.

Improved List Management
By implementing Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning, we help you work with Lists in an improved way. We help you use the feature to allow your customers to keep a personalized list of products that can be used according to their convenience and preference.
These lists can be used to add favorite items, save them for future purchases, or simply track the history of purchases.
Creating Custom Reports
Leverage the process of creating customized and extensive reports to obtain valuable insights into the products purchased by your customers and the actions performed by them on your storefronts.
We help you create personalized reports with the help of Google Analytics, making use of the search and category data provided by Salesforce.
Essential B2B Commerce Lightning Components
Here are the important Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning Components we help you create and work on:
  • Cart
  • Buyer Account
  • Checkout Button
  • Cart Totals
  • Checkout Flow
  • My Lists
  • Multi-level Navigation Menu
  • Order Confirmation
  • Order List
  • Order Product Summary By Recipient (Deprecated)
  • Order Summary
  • Order Summary Details
  • Order Summary Account
  • Order Summary Details Header
  • Order Summary History (Deprecated)
  • Order Summary Products
  • Order Summary Totals (Deprecated)
  • Product Attachments
  • Product Field (Long)
  • Product Detail Card
  • Product Field (Short)
  • Product Search
  • Results layout
  • Store Header
  • Quick Order