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Salesforce SAP Integration

Enterprise resource planning has been in the industry for quite some time. Industries who have not been using this program have been suffering a major loss. On the contrary, industries who have using ERP have skyrocketed their business operations. This article is going to tell you about salesforce sap integration so that you can skyrocket your business operations.


Companies that use salesforce medium to conduct their business operations have integrated SAP in their platform so that the business process can be optimized and automated.

Sap salesforce integrationhas been an asset to most of the business as companies are able to complete their work before timeline and the quality of the work is also not compromised. Sap salesforce integration had collected data from two systems into one. For instance, let’s say a customer has joined the salesforce, then that means the customer would need business functions like performance management, financials, reporting and monitoring. Now, these business functions are precise with sap is used. So, when these two systems are united, a customer is guaranteed impeccable customer satisfaction.

From the above information, you might have an idea that when both systems are integrated, only data are exchanged. The fact is, not only data other things are also exchanged. These include a complete product list exchange between salesforce and sap, exchange of opportunities so that invoice generation can be done. Now it has to be realized that when sap and salesforceare fully integrated then, companies will be able to automate and streamline business process. Most of the salesforce professionals say then sap and salesforce come together; it brings about a variety of benefits. Some of them can be sated as follows :
  • No need for data entry twice, so this means that time and money will be saved for the organization.
  • Data errors are negligible.
  • Employees will know now how to act to a situation quickly.
People Ask

1. Name the most convenient way so that salesforce and Sap can be integrated?
According to most salesforce professionals, the most convenient way to integrate salesforce and sap is known as a mule. Mule acts as the enterprise service bus,which provides clear communication with the sap technologies that are present today. Now it has to be realized that the most recent sap technologies are intermediate documents, business application developer, sap java connector. With the help of Mule as an ESB, it provides an excellent cloud connect technology. The integration between sap and salesforce was a tough job, with the help of mule; such problems can be mitigated with ease.

2. How to integrate sap with salesforce other than a mule?
Salesforce sap integration can also happen with the help of being a salesforce developer. So, in order to start the Salesforce sap integration, you need to use the salesforce platform and sign in as the salesforce developer. Once you have signed in, you need to follow the steps carefully so that you can use sap salesforce effectively

  • Once you have logged on salesforce, then you need to find an option known as API, which is found in a quick box.
  • Once done, you need to download a file which is of the WSDL format Once WSDL file is download, you can use it for creating a soap project
  • After completing step 3, you need to create two ICO with the help of ECC data.
SAP Vs Salesforce

There is no doubt that both sap and salesforceis the best CRM software that is found in the market today. Though they have been known to make the business process faster. There is some difference between the two which needs to be addressed.


Everybody know is how salesforce change ed the history of the CRM market. As of now, salesforce singlehandedly holds 40 percent of the CRM market share. The reason why this CRM is so popular is the fact that the software is entirely customer-driven. Since it offers super clear transparency between different departments of the organization, it tends to improve productivity at an alarming rate.


One of the biggest names in terms of transport management, ERP and business intelligence is known as SAP. In addition, this integration process of this software is seamless. So large scale organization can use this software with ease.


In order to know the difference between sap and salesforce, it is important that this article states some categories through which the difference will be highlighted. Some of them are known as batchemailmarketing, emailutilities, onlinecase management and business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is very important since it analyses the company data to predict the future of the organization. since it provides detailed data and monitorsKPI,organizations can make data-driven decisions quickly. There is a product of salesforce known as the QlikView, which offers business intelligence solutions. Even if you don’t have any IT knowledge, you can use this software with ease, since it has an easy earning curve. This is not the case for sap. In sap, you need to have some IT knowledge so that you can show your KPI reporting to the higher authorities. From this above information, it is clear that salesforceoffersmore robust functionalities when it comes to business intelligence

Online Case Management

Case management is basically storing the information of the client in one place. For example, there are numerous times when a customer raises a query, but it doesn’t get solved. Online case management mitigates such kind of issue. Here as soon as customer ticket it raised; a customer rep is assigned to deal with the customer. This means through case management; a client’s information is organized in one place.

When salesforce is used for case management, then the customers are bound to get some accurate answers.

For example, if there is a query raised on electronics, then the system directly appoints an electronic expert in providing the customer with the most relevant answers. Coming to sap case management. The software tends to follow a different set of operations. In the case of sap, it only managed the query of the customer, but it also takes care of internal audits of the customer like tax disputes,collection management and illness tracking.

Custom Reports

Custom reports drive a lot more business than a normal report does. A custom report will have always had a special template which looks stunning when personalized business reports are created. Now if you are creating a business report for an electronics company, then that report would be different. Similarly, if you are creating a report for corporate business, then your report would be different.

When you use salesforce for creating such reports, then that means your using the real-time conversation, the sales metrics, to drive in more sales.

Now you might feel, if salesforce offers such fantastic features of customization, then why should you even bother with sap? Well, the reason is the fact that salesforce you can’t use the platform and generate the report. you need to log out from the sales platform and then create the report. With sap, it is never the case. Here you can create the customized report while staying on the home screen.

Business Process Report

Now there are different applications to support the different needs of the business. For example, there is an application that supports inventory needs, whereas there is a different application that takes care of marketing and sales. In addition, there are different applications that support the smooth transparency between the different departments. When you use the business report of the salesforce, then that would mean important details of the client would be taken care of, so that client satisfaction will be guaranteed. Moving to sap it more all in one solution since it supports ERP integration and supports a wide range of diversity.

Special Mention

Besides the above-mentioned feature, there is one feature that has some striking difference between salesforce and sap and this is known as Knowledge creation workflow. Knowledge workflow is basically a method to search the data between external and intertarsal users. The search of the database can be in the form of tutorials, videos and information. When salesforce knowledge is used, then that would mean that a user can easily find the information that they need. Now it has also had to be realized that salesforce knowledge has some restrictions. Like external users cannot get hold of information that is shared to the internal users. This is not the case for sap CRM as the external users can view some limited files that are shared with the internal stakeholders.

Using Appseconnet Agent

One of the best salesforce sap integration best practicesis done with the help of mule, as mentioned above. Another good way to salesforce sap integration best practicescan be done with the help of Appseconnet agent. You need to follow the following steps mentioned below the article, to use it effectively

Step 1: First, you need to have a business partner and then select a list of items that you need to create the sales order. After that, you need to select an option which says delivery date and then click on the add button.

Step 2: Now its sis the time to connect with the appse connect agent to integrate the application in the salesforce platform. Open the application and then move to the option which says salesforce one and establish the connection. Select the option which says start sync and then move the application form sap to salesforce.

Step 3: Now search for an option which days order item add, then click on the sync to move the data from the sap to salesforce.

Step 4: In thisstep, you need to go the salesforce order and then search for the data that you moved from sap. The type the sap order name and then fill and search in the platform.

Is Sap Salesforceintegration Really Necessary?
If you have a large organization with hundreds of employees working under you, then you the integration at all cost. Salesforce is customer-driven software and sap is a business-driven software, so when you integrate those two things. Then your productivity can be skyrocketing. With this integration every campaign can be personalized and good customer experience can be provided to the customer.

Things You Should Know
In order to integrate the sap and salesforce, you first need to learn about the salesforce own programming languages like Apex and Visual Force. In addition, you need to know about various other programming languages like .Net. php and Java. When you know these languages and have salesforce certification to your name. then you will know the methods in which sap and salesforce can be integrated together. Without the proper knowledge of salesforce such tasks of integration are impossible. This is the reason why most of the salesforce professionals advises the newbies to sit for a salesforce exam and then enter the salesforce community.

// Final Words

From the above information it is very clear that sap and salesforce integration changed way how business was operated. Now daily operations are done at a lighting fast speed. This means the company saves a lot of time and money. Now the companies can focus on problems that would need immediate attention and not get concerned with the problems which have no significant impact to the organization. now with the help of the integration DRP can be done. The company can now take data driven decisions and take calculated risks.