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Salesforce SharePoint Integration

Everyone is having a crisis of time and data management these days. In modern days nobody wants to be left, behind anyone. But how they can do so, many of them donot know. If once these issued get solved, chances become higher to set and grow the business as planned. Salesforce and SharePoint are two big platforms that help their users to grow their business and storing and transferring files. If we talk about SharePoint vs Salesforce, they both are two great service providers of their kinds without fail, and it is also true that they both need each other at some point.

In this article, we will discuss one of the greatest collaborations of its kind that is the integration of Salesforce and SharePoint.Salesforce SharePoint integration has come together to give its users more benefits which they both felt their users need.

What Is Salesforce?

Day by day, life is going to become full of workloads. The pressure of completing the tasks on time has become a headache for most of the people. Time management is a key factor in every job or business but nobody says that he or she has enough time for some work to finish on time. Salesforce is a new technology that helps the user to do various kinds of things for him or his business. It is such a platform that meets many needs of users and finishes it with proficiency in no time. It is a hub of many services which a user needs for running his business flow without any obstacle. Salesforce provides its users many services like good consultancy by a team of good consultants, expert advice related to various fields of different jobs and business, app designing, developing and packaging, technical support, 24 by 7 service and many other helpful services.

What Is Share Point?

SharePoint is a tool associated with MS office which makes its usage in various ways. It was launched in 2001 as a storage system and for managing the document but due to its adaptability with the nature of the user and his business, and many customization and configuration possible, it is used by many organizations and businesses in the world.
Salesforce vs SharePoint: When we compare Salesforce and SharePoint, we find these both have some unique features which can be used by them to increase their service area. Salesforce vs SharePoint is such a topic that includes many topics to be unfolded if we go in-depth. It is mainly up to their users what crucial difference they find in these two super special entities.

How To Integrate Salesforce With Sharepoint?

Many of the users think it a quite complex process to integrate Salesforce with share point, but actually, it is not the case. Here I am going to give a brief intro about the process of these two big platforms in a very simple way. Though it will not be in detail, it will surely pull you out of your dilemma to understand this process a tough task. So lets begin Firstly you need to log in to your Salesforce account then in the search option; you need to search the file connected. From many options given, click on file connect option and then you will find the setting option in Edit. After coming in edit file, you need to enable the file to connect by clicking this option.

After enabling it, you will get many options here to choose from, to activate or deactivate and to fill with. Once you have done this, you need to save and activate the changes made by clicking on the save button. To activate this, you need to type permission set in the search bar and follow the similar instructions as given in the above steps as per the permission set tab. After this, a window similar to the popup window will open to your right where you need to get various settings thatallow you and your customers or to limit them for the uses of stored files. After this, you again need to go in the search option and type Auth providers. In the Auth provider window, selects Microsoft access control.

Then after, you need to enter your name and web address. Then you need to add temporary web addresses of consumer key, control secret. Once after finishing the above step, you need to connect the information of a particular app of a particular site with the client with the help of a share point configuration. With this, you will be able to generate an app for your specific client. In this step, you need to enter the web address which you created for your customer. Here you have to add the id of the users which you generated earlier. Now some other popup windows like lookup options and others will be opened up which need to be filled with suitable values. In this step, we need to revise all the settings and data entered for our client and to correct them if needed there. Now you will be able to generate the external data source of the customers or clients and set the permission for the same.

Once you get the platform implemented, you will not only be able to handle your business processes well but also your CRM activities.The issue of handling customer database remains irrespective of the physicality of a business venture. With the renowned services of Salesforce, you will also be able to store, process, track, and analyze valuable customers through the platform of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Benefits Of Salesforce And Sharepoint Integration

When we talk about good business, time management plays a key role in it. In the absence of this time management, much of the time is wasted in doing the trivial task which reduces the quality of the work and the output also comes very late, and we all know late work is nothing good for anyone either the employee or the employer. When we Salesforce SharePoint Integration, much of the time is saved. This makes the navigation from one file to another file easy and quick. It also collects all the data at the same place, so it also reduces the time which is wasted in searching for files at different locations and folders.


Now think about the situation where you need to send the same data to the client very fast, and that is too in a secure way. Since it always takes a lot more time in the processing and formalities, a considerable amount of money is wasted in transferring the info from one place to another. But with the integration of these two services, less time is needed for such tasks. When you use the combined form of Salesforce and SharePoint result is not the same as it was above. in this case since we know that time is taken very less, no extra money is wasted to make the service faster, and it also keeps the sharing protected and secure so further you get some relaxation in both time and money.

No Problem With Large Files

Have you ever gone through a situation where you are waiting for your files to be downloaded or uploaded to start the next step of your pending work? Much of the time is killed just to reach the files and content sometimes just because they are not at the same place and they need to be downloaded or uploaded. Salesforce SharePoint Integration makes it possible to arrange all the files at the same place and server, so whenever the user needs it, he can access it without any issue of downloading or uploading delay which makes your work processing smooth and effective not just for one time but for all the time you use it.

Real-Time Interaction

A real-time interaction protects us from many unwanted problems like forgetting about the locations and address, delay in the transferring of data, money-wasting and many more. These things affect the quality of the work to a large extent, and the output is not as per the requirement and expectation.

SharePoint Salesforce Integration unbinds all such limitations and brings all the solutions for the mentioned problems. It lets you interact with your data and clients in real-time so you no need to keep your clients on hold for a long time for providing any info asked by them and also many more benefits of real-time interaction.

Next-Level Security

Security and privacy are a treat not just for businessmen but for everyone in this world. Nobody wants their secure data lost or used without their consent. Sometimes this causes severe damage to the company profits and the individual loss of money and other things. These problems will also be no more a problem with the use of the SharePoint Salesforce Integration Free service. It understands the importance of data loss, theft or damage, and hence it has included secure services on its package for free. Now users can do all the transactions of info and other data without worrying about security issues..

Increased Inefficiency

It is true that nowadays there are too many software, app, sites or any other things you want are available in different forms. Sometimes paid sometimes free. These services claim to fulfill all your needs but often they do not reach the level they promised for and you get disappointed with the result. Here the service provided by the help of SharePoint Integration with Salesforce is an incredible service that lets you do many things with the help of it efficiently. It not just fulfills all your requirement but also provide services in the same way as you want as it is highly customizable for its users ease.


Just like a messy room, a messed data and document creates a lot of problems to self and others. It makes even the simpler things very tough. It can be well understood with the example that if we need to find the meaning of some words from the dictionary and words of a dictionary are not set alphabetically. Salesforce SharePoint collaboration makes sure that your data and documents remain well organized and can be reached by you without any difficulty. It also filters the duplicate files and gives you many options to choose how to organize your data in the best way as to reach the requirement of your business.

Enhanced Flexibility

How many times a day you use your mobile and how laptops or PC. Since the storage of PC or laptops is generally higher than mobiles, we store the important and large files in this system mainly. But on the contrary, we pass more time with mobiles than these systems. SharePoint Salesforce integration services make your works very flexible as now you no need to wait to complete your task when you are back to your home again. With this package, you get more flexibility to do all those tasks on the go without waiting to reach the home first and use your systems

24 Hours And 365 Days Service

Are you available to your clients 24 hours? Nobody in this world does the work for 24 hours, but a highly organized team can do it for sure. A 24 hours and 365 days service improves the work quality and helps in time management to do the work faster. Salesforce SharePoint integration service does the same for its users. It is available for its users and his clients every moment. It clears all the confusion and solves all the problems of its users whenever they face it. It never lets its users unattended even during the toughest time.:


Above you got to know a glimpse of Salesforce, SharePoint and their collaboration. You also knew the few steps to integrate Salesforce and SharePoint and could see some crucial benefits of using SharePoint Salesforce Integration. Is that the only things to know about which was mentioned above. The things which you read above is just like the intro with this technology. The real benefits of and of SharePoint salesforce integration can only be felt when you will use it for your business and other things. Once you start using this collaboration, you keep on going ahead and ahead in your business. At last, you just need to know is that though some of the Sharepoint Salesforce Integration Free services you find for free, it does not mean they are of less importance. All features and facilities of this collaboration are to help the users and not just increase the numbers.