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Netsuite Salesforce Integration

Leverage your business and take it a notch higher by Netsuite Salesforce Integration, a globally recognized ERM, accounting, and finance platform.

At Oscar IT Solutions, we help you carry our seamless NetSuite Salesforce Integration for improving your business processes and helping you manage your finances better.

The integrated platform allows you to incorporate financial and accounting modules to your Salesforce database to obtain powerful results.With Netsuite Salesforce Integration, you can create quotes or sales orders in NetSuite in real-time, directly from Salesforce.com.

Netsuite integration is one of the function-rich automated cloud platform that helps you in saving much of your time, money and energy because the data of customers goes directly into the Netsuite Salesforce Integration software platform. It offers varied solutions related to order management, shipping as well as the financial management. The Netsuite when integrated with cloud, gives you the robust shopping cart.

These integrations eventually helps you to enhance the pace of business-related works and thereby augmenting the revenues. The best part of integrating service is also the decrease in errors because it is fully automated.

Our Offerings
Our NetSuite Salesforce integration services are dedicated to provide you a centralized platform for carrying out important financial processes and obtain valuable financial insights using your CRM data in an automated and effective manner.
Automate Sales Leads Into NetSuite Accounting

Add your sales leads directly into the accounting application through the automation provided by NetSuite Salesforce integration. You can use Web to Lead forms to register new sales leads into your CRM database and integrate specific details of these leads into the accounting software.

This automates an array of activities that help you manage processes like raising invoices, sending quotes, managing queries, and many more.

Integrating CRM With ERP For Effective Sales

The NetSuite with Salesforce integration helps the users in combining the functionalities of a CRM and an ERP platform. This helps you in streamlining all your sales processes and carrying them out in a personalized manner.

Through the integrated platform, you can integrate the customer information within your sales database (leads, opportunities, cases, etc) with the finance and ERP functionalities. Once your approved leads are passed on to the financial platform, your service team can take the process further and help you complete your sales transaction easily.

Improved Cash Flow Efficiency

We understand how important it is for a business to sustain its cash flow efficiency to keep a track of its financial health. NetSuite Salesforce integration helps you use your valuable CRM data for producing financial statements, closing monthly/annual bookkeeping, managing your expenses, keeping a track of your borrowings, and performing a range of other activities.

All these details assist you in maintaining the efficiency of cash flow and provide you with a clear picture of your company’s financial performance.

Managing Ecommerce Transactions

If you run an eCommerce venture, the NetSuite Salesforce integration helps you in managing your orders, tracking your inventory, and monitoring a variety of eCommerce functions.

All the members belonging to your sales, service, marketing, and IT departments can work on a centralized platform for handling the finances of your venture and manage activities like order processing, payment processing, and customer acquisition. This is one of the many benefits of connecting an ERP platform with a CRM service.

Streamlining Key Business Processes

The productive NetSuite Salesforce integration helps you streamline all major business processes that help you attain your key goals and objectives. It helps you keep extensive track of all your items sold and the ones purchased (to add to your stock). This data is then synced with your CRM for wholesome order management.

Also, the integrated platform helps you track the sales you make and the revenues you earn over a specific period of time, on a real-time basis. As soon as a sale is made and revenue is generated, the automated platform records the same in your database along with all the relevant details about the deal closed and opportunity tapped.

Accessing Valuable Customer Information

Through our NetSuite Salesforce integration services, we help your team have centralized access to all the valuable details pertaining to your current, potential, and past customers.

All your marketing, sales, and financial activities revolve around this information. The integrated platform helps sales and service reps in obtaining scalability, handling subscription renewals, managing sales, managing orders, tracking referrals, and keeping a track of pending orders for specific customers.

With all this information, your team will be able to keep a track of your customers at every stage of their buying journeys and allow your reps to approach them at the right time with the right messages. The automation provided by the platform allows all the major business processes to be carried out using the customer database by making a few clicks.

Cross-selling And Up-selling

As the NetSuite with Salesforce integration provides you with all the data about your products being purchases by specific customers, you can use this data for the purpose of cross-selling and up-selling.

For cross-selling, you can look for the customers making frequent purchases and approach them for selling them a different product (or a different variant of the same product). If you are willing to up-sell, you can approach some of the loyal customers and the high-spenders for upgrading their purchases and going for a better product/service provided by you.

Now that you have complete data about the date, time, and type of product purchased by all your customers, this data can be used to leverage your marketing and sales for improved results.

Error-free Data Updates

It is important for every business to keep all their data sets updated at any point in time, especially when it comes to the data pertaining to inventory and sales.

The NetSuite Salesforce integration provides you with an automated platform that allows you to update all your data on a real-time basis and eliminate all errors while doing so. As you integrate your order management and financial information with your CRM, it helps you make suitable deals, raise accurate quotes, and manage your business processes in an organized and efficient manner.