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Shopify Salesforce Integration

We help you make your e-commerce experience wholesome by combining online selling with CRM.

We live in an age where almost every second activity can be digitized and performed in a much better way! E-commerce is one of these activities.

Customers no longer prefer to stand in long queues outside their favorite stores to avail of the best offers for them. They have conveniently switched to scrolling lists on their mobile phones, availing of offers that are curated just for them.

However, the digitization of shopping does not make the job of a seller easier in any way. As an online seller carrying out the business through e-commerce, you need to keep a track of your customers’ activities, manage orders, and market your business – often at the same time.
Taking this into consideration, Techila Services provides you with extensive Shopify Salesforce integration services to combine an e-commerce platform with a CRM platform. Through this integration, you can manage your customer database and track the activities of your customers while handling your e-commerce venture on multiple platforms.

Our Offerings

Through seamless Shopify Salesforce integration, Oscar IT Solutions helps you manage your e-commerce venture better by combining its functionality with a CRM platform. This integration allows you to handle multiple transactions on multiple platforms, catering to the specific needs of all your customers.

Unified Experience

The Salesforce Shopify integration provides Salesforce users with a unified experience in managing their marketing and sales processes.

As a Salesforce or Shopify user, you no longer need to switch between platforms for managing your online business and handling your customers respectively.

We help you merge the data pertaining to both the platforms to give you the much-needed ease of operation through a centralized user interface.

Multi-store Management

The Salesforce e-commerce integration does not limit management to a single storefront. It comes with multi-store oriented features that help you manage your business from multiple online stores.

We help you implement a centralized platform on which you can manage orders, track customer actions, and analyze your business conducted from multiple storefronts at the same time.

This helps you save enough time that can be utilized in handling the core business issues.

Real-time Synchronization

We make sure that your Shopify and Salesforce data is synchronized at all times. The integration allows real-time syncing of data between the two platforms to make data management simpler, faster, and more organized.

Through the integrated platform, you can effectively integrate your Customers, Products, Collections, and Orders on a single unified interface. This way, you can synchronize your order management and customer management processes on a real-time basis to get the best results.

Syncing Different Selling Platforms

The integration allows you to manage your Shopify stores on multiple digital platforms and syncing them with a single CRM platform of Salesforce. Salesforce has already earned the reputation of being a CRM giant that supports multiple storefronts simultaneously.

For example, if you allow your customers to make purchases from your official website/portal and through social media, the Shopify Salesforce integration helps you manage your website and your social media account from a single platform. This eliminates the scope of mismanagement and empowers you to handle multiple platforms with a few clicks of buttons!

Availing Of CRM Benefits

As you integrate your e-commerce data with Salesforce, you can avail of all the CRM benefits provided by Salesforce. As your integration partner, we help you set up a unified where you can manage your sales leads, nurture them, store specific details about your customers, create reports and dashboards, perform business analytics, and perform all activities that a CRM platform allows you to perform.

If you are originally a Shopify member, the Shopify Salesforce integration will open doors to numerous opportunities that come with Salesforce implementation.

Hassle-free Inventory Management

One of the biggest challenges faced by online sellers is that of managing inventory effectively. Through the Salesforce e-commerce integration, we help you manage all your products, collections, and orders from a centralized platform.

The integration makes sure that you manage the movement of your entire inventory with ease, no matter how many storefronts you are managing simultaneously. While Shopify helps you in receiving orders and managing your stock, Salesforce helps you in keeping track of all your business processes to match with your order management.

Managing Accounts And Contacts

This is another major benefit of integrating Shopify with Salesforce. As you bring your Shopify data onto the CRM platform of Salesforce, you can organize your customers into the categories of Accounts and Contacts.

While the object of Contacts helps you track your interactions with individual customers, the Accounts section helps you store details about the businesses your contacts belong to.
Segregating your customers into these categories makes managing them easier. The integrated platform allows you to cater to the specific needs and preferences of the customers you have been dealing with on Shopify.

Interactive User Interface

You can rest assured that operating on the Salesforce Shopify integration is no rocket science! Our development team makes sure that the user interface of the integrated platform is easy to understand and use.

Also, the integrated platform is designed in an advanced and interactive way, allowing you and your team to carry out multiple processes with ease and effectiveness.

Variant As A Product

The Shopify Salesforce integration comes with the feature of “Variant as a Product”. You can select this option from the Object Settings section. As the name suggests, this feature helps you group all different variants of a product sold on Shopify as a single product in Salesforce.

This makes data management simpler and more organized by simplifying your Shopify data when it is integrated with Salesforce. Once your variants are clubbed as a single product on Salesforce, you can carry out all relevant CRM processes using the same.

Multi-currency Support

Our Salesforce Shopify integration services provide you with an option of multi-currency support. This is an ideal feature if you are catering to a global market and receiving payments from more than your home country.

However, this feature can be availed of at an additional cost. You can contact our sales team to obtain the price for the multi-currency support service.

Syncing Prices With Price Books

We try our best to make product pricing easier by helping you sync the prices of specific products with the selected price books on Salesforce. This makes you save time and effort in setting prices for every single product listed on your Shopify account.

Why Choose Our Shopify Salesforce Integration Services?
Team Of Professional Experts

We have been going strong in the industry for more than eight years with our Shopify developers and software experts looking after every possible need that may arise pertaining to integrating complementary platforms.

You can rest assured that you will be assisted by experienced and skilled professionals, helping you at every step of undertaking your Shopify Salesforce integration.

Focus On Personalization

We understand that no two businesses are alike. Especially when it comes to e-commerce, businesses need to be extremely specific about customizing their products and services to suit their customers’ needs.

Just like you, we provide personalized integration services according to your specific needs and preferences. Salesforce is a vast platform with an array of tools, platforms, and features. We will have an in-depth discussion about the tools you need the most and implement the integrated platform that will give you exactly what you are looking for!

Utmost Transparency

Our team at Oscar IT Solutions believes in practicing complete transparency while getting the software platform implemented within your organization.

You will be informed at every stage of development, testing, and deployment, making sure you are aware of all the goings-on in real-time.

Also, we will take every step pertaining to the implementation of the integrated platform after consulting you and getting your approval.

Active Support

Once you have chosen Oscar IT Solutions for Shopify Salesforce integration, you can reach out to our executives regarding any and every query you have about the implementation. Our developers will help you clear all your confusion about all technicalities involved in developing the integrated platform.

Even after the implementation is completed, our experts will always be available to assist you and solve all the queries, doubts, and confusion you have about operating the software platform.

Additional Services

Our services are not limited to Salesforce e-commerce integration. We are a noted Salesforce development and consulting company with a range of other services. If you are willing to implement any Salesforce offering (Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, etc.) or avail distinguished digital marketing services, Techila Services will guide you every step of the way!

Our aim is to make marketing and sales easy for you.Our developers work hard to make sure that your business processes are automated and your team gets the much-needed ease of operation while using the best CRM platforms.

Get in touch with our executives today, schedule a meeting, and allow us to know more about your business requirements!